Who were you in
your previous lives ??

Wandering of souls
  •   Have you recognized yourself
in places where you haven´t been before ??

  •   Have you felt attraction
to any particular area or era ??

  •   Do you have personal characteristics
that don´t comes from your parents, and can not be explained by the influence of others ??

  •   Do you have phobias
which can´t be explained ??

  •   Have you been dreaming
about places which seem naturally familiar in the dream, but not in real life ??

  •   Have you experienced the feeling
of knowing somebody in a way as if you have met in earlier life ??
If you can answer yes to any of the questions above, it may depend of latent memories of past lives.

The idea of reincarnation (transmigration) is found in some form in all religions, either as eternal life or as periodically coming back.
Dr. Aseem Singh has found evidence that most people have lived before, not just once but many many times. He has studied this phenomenon in many cultures and found that everywhere there are people who more or less remember fragments (and sometimes more) of their previous lives.

   He has visited mountain-peoples in the Himalayas, South American Indians, Egyptian desert tribes, and he has also studied ancient European testimonies from many centuries, including from the witches era in the seventeenth century.

   Everywhere he found similar stories about people who know they have lived before. He is medial himself since birth, and can look both forward and backward in time. He knows how to put himself into a medial condition and create contact with the world of spirits.
This is how it works:

   He can see many people's lives back in time by setting himself into this person's life. He can also see who you have been in previous lives and tell you what you have been through.

   After your order, it takes about two weeks until he is ready. During this time he has, during his moments of inspiration, selected three of your most interesting or exciting or dramatic past lives during the last thousand years. Fue.e.e.rther back is hard to see. e.
   When he meditates, he records what he experiences on tape. After that, our very competent employee Ms. Katarina Jelevska writes it down and we mail the analysis to you by ordinary post.
Cheap and simple: But we have a reservation. There are (very few) people who are, so to speak "newborn", and thus have not lived before, or lived very few or non-interesting lives. There are also those whose lives, from one reason or the other, are difficult to see. If you belong to any of these, we can not make the analysis. In such case it will of course not cost you anything. So therefore we can not promise delivery. If this is the case, we will let you know and explain the reason.

   But most likely we make the analysis, and send the answer to you as a regular letter, together with a bill for a modest sum, payable within two weeks after you received and read the analysis. The reason it is so cheap is because Dr. Singh now lives in a low-cost country, India (in Benares, the holy city of reincarnation) and prefers to live a simple life. And also because we communicate and do most of the work, in another low-cost country, Estonia.

   It's an exciting experience to know what you've been through in the past lives, and it increases your self-awareness and thus your confidence.
     Don´t miss this chance !!
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Yes please,
send me as soon as possible:
of my past lives.

The answer will be sent after about 2 weeks as a discrete standard letter with a bill to be paid within 2 weeks after delivery.

I pay:
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           USD 70,- (=GBP 45,-) (=EUR 62,-)

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The price includes everything,
even 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Your position among brothers and sisters when you grew up:
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       I have a twin
(Only count brothers and sisters in full, or -half, or adopted, with whom you have lived at least five years together.)

Birthday of your biological mother: (if you know)
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This and the previous question are because Dr. Singh gets a better spiritual contact with your past lives if he knows them.

Here you can also write if you have any question or if there is something else you want Dr. Singh to take a deeper look into:

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